6 Easy Ways To Help Charities Without Having To Donate Money

If you are interested in helping out one or more good causes, it is not always necessary to make a monetary contribution. Today, there are other ways to help a charity out without having to access your bank account. If you’re in the Hampshire area and are interested to work for charity organizations instead, you can search for Hants education jobs.

Here are a few ways you can lend a helping hand in a variety of different ways:

1. Donate Blood

Many people can donate blood every 3 months for women or 4 months for men. Conduct an internet search to locate a donor centre in your area and register for your first appointment. The process usually takes 15 minutes or less, meaning you could even donate on your lunch break or when you have a bit of time to spare.

You can even donate platelets when you feel comfortable with this process, which is something in dire need for patients that require chemotherapy, organ transplants, and other types of disorders. However, this process typically takes an hour and 30 minutes. Platelets can be donated up to 15 times a year.

2. Make Things

While this one is not technically “free”, since you will need to pay for the supplies, most charities are happy to accept homemade items such as sewn toys, blankets, or anything else crafty.

You can either donate the items to the charity directly, or you could sell them on a local site like Facebook Marketplace and then donate the money you have raised.

Get creative and find an inspiring sewing and knitting project for a charity.

3. Help Out A Neighbour In Need

Do you know of an elderly person in your neighbourhood who lives alone, or might need a bit of assistance around their house? Offering to cut their grass or spending time with them for an hour or two could make a drastic difference to them. If they have a mobility issue, you could offer to do a few gardening tasks or even their shopping. Age UK could assist you with finding housebound, isolated people through the befriending scheme they use.

4. Donate Your Unwanted Goods To A Local Charity

Most of us completely forget that the easiest way to donate to a charity without having to pay any money is to part with your unwanted possessions. So, the next time you conduct a spring clean, donate any unwanted items to a charity in your area. These items include more than just old books and clothes, if you have old furniture or even a computer or gardening tools, they will usually gladly accept these items.

Some of the charity stores also have Gift Aid forms. Complete the form and this charity will be able to claim an additional 25p on each £1 your goods raised.

5. Volunteer

There are so many charities that could benefit from your time. You could provide a specific skill such as IT or marketing, giving some of your time to people in need, or even working in the charity shop itself. An online search will display various options. As the starting point, first, decide on the amount of time you are willing to dedicate, and how you can help. Now you can refine the search to the charities that are most suitable.

6. Raise Awareness

If you cannot afford to make monetary donations regularly, maybe other people can. If you are passionate about a specific charity, raising awareness is a great method to get them the money they need.

You can achieve this in different ways, from blogging to social media. Or maybe you might be interested in participating in sporting events or even doing something extreme such as parachuting out of an airplane and asking people to sponsor your efforts.