How To Become More Disciplined In Fitness

When people want to achieve something, they can set their goals quickly, devise a good plan, and even get started on their journey to success. However, the motivation does not stay for long.

Usually, we create the perfect plan to improve ourselves, set a clear target for where we want to go, and enjoy the excitement and determination that comes with venturing out and attaining these objectives. Regrettably, this feeling of excitement does not last for long.

It is easy to wonder why many people struggle to maintain a healthy diet and consistent exercising, despite listening to our highly motivated fitness trainers who inspire us to live a healthy life every day. Is the failure caused by laziness or simply a case of being incompatible with a “fit life?”

Of course, you are not lazy neither are you incapable. Instead, it has everything to do with one thing: the art of discipline. We refer to discipline as an art because it requires time and practice for one to master it. However, if you are equipped with the appropriate tools, you will be ready to achieve your goals like a master.

The Meaning Of Discipline

Discipline can be viewed in two ways: where it is applied to somebody else, like a parent disciplining their kid, or self-discipline – where it is applied to oneself, which is the focus of this article.

Self-discipline refers to one’s ability to regulate their actions and work harder to improve oneself without requiring someone else to direct you on what one should do.

Simply put, self-discipline involves committing to yourself and ensuring you follow through on those commitments, despite the difficulties you will face.

There are many things most of us can do at 5 am other than working out. For example, we can curl up in comfortable beds until we are bored. Alternatively, we can choose to set the alarm, wake up and do what needs to be done to keep fit. Constantly knowing that when you commit something to yourself you must follow through and get it done can help you to maintain discipline.

Comparison Between Discipline And Motivation

Many people take it to mean that discipline can be replaced by motivation. However, the two are extremely different forces to have.

Since we have already discussed discipline, let’s discuss motivation. Motivation is two-pronged. First, motivation is a feeling or a strong desire to accomplish a specific goal.

For example, you can feel motivated by seeing a fitness influencer on Instagram with the type of body you want. This feeling often comes in form of a sudden gush of determination or inspiration to exercise. You can also get this feeling when you read motivational fitness quotes or listen to powerful motivational speeches.

The other part of the motivation focuses on why you have set specific personal goals for yourself. For instance, one reason to commit to Boom sessions at Gloveworx could be to enhance your body physique, strength, and general body fitness. Alternatively, you may participate in the Gloveworx Lightning Sessions when looking for the ideal workout that fits your tight schedule.

Finally, discipline demands that we take action toward our goals. Simply feeling motivated or knowing the reasons for your goals is not enough. More important is taking decisive steps to do what must be done to realize our ambitions.

Remember, motivation is a short-lived experience. One minute you might feel highly motivated, and the next, you could be at your worst. For example, different conditions may alter your motivation at a particular time. E.g. a bright day with birds singing can get you in the mood to work out. On the other hand, a chilly rainy day with so much work to do can leave you completely drained.

Nonetheless, discipline entails wearing gloves and lifting weights, whether you are motivated or not.

How To Build Self-Discipline In 3 Easy Steps

So, those fitness pros who get up and get it done – how do they do it? How can you teach yourself to stick to what matters even when you are not motivated? Below are the three critical steps to help you increase your self-discipline.