Product Labels [Importance, Types and More]

First impressions matter. When it comes to packaging, however, most businesses tend to prioritize packaging materials and enclosures, giving little to no cognizance of the product labels. In this post, we’re going to tell you why you need to pay attention to product labels. And if you need high-quality labels for your product, check out this label printing company.

What Are Product Labels?

These are written displays containing information about a product, typically found on a product’s package. Although they sometimes appear to be an afterthought, product labels are an essential part of branding, storytelling, and product identification. They show all the details about a product, playing a crucial role in influencing a customer’s decision.

Granted, without these labels, consumers cannot know what a product is, its nutritional value, ingredients, flavours, and other parameters that influence their choice. That said, as an established business, corporation, or even start-up, you need to choose the right label materials to market your product to customers.

Why Are Product Labels Important?

Product labels are used to relay information about a product to consumers. They however don’t limit their information to ingredients alone. Nowadays, businesses are using product labels to show their environmental friendliness, trendiness, and other values that they would want people to affiliate them with.

That said, whether you are in the candle, cosmetic, beauty, or medical industry, product labelling can be used to convey more about who you are. Communicate with product labels today: use them as printed advertisements to communicate your company values, beliefs, and more!

5 Key Types of Product Label Types

The product label market, like many other industries, has evolved exponentially over the years. It has expanded beyond the conventional usage of paper to accommodate various packaging labels depending on the application of the product. As such, depending on the distributor, industry niche, and other parameters, every kind of product needs a special label.

So how do you know which label to pick? The first step in determining which type of packaging label would be appropriate for you would be looking at the different types. Here are 5 common types of labels that are most frequently applied in well-known businesses for you to think about:

1). Shrink Labels

They are imprinted on a polymer plastic sheet that can be used with unusual container shapes. These kinds of labels are frequently found on bottled drinks like soda or water as well as your everyday cleaning supplies. They have a high-impact graphic.

2). Pressure-sensitive Labels

Pressure-sensitive labels are widely used in the commercial industry because they are extremely versatile. These can be used with any type of bottle, tube, or jar and practically any combination of printing processes and procedures.

3). In-mold Labels

These are typically more resilient than the other labels. They are frequently found on product packages like laundry detergent bottles. They work well for warning labels because of their durability.

4). Die-cut Labels

These labels frequently have a unique form or outline that is manufactured to order. Because of their custom-made nature, they are frequently used on uniquely designed containers, label panels, and packaging.

5). Thermal Labels

They use synthetically treated thermal-sensitive media that darkens when it comes into contact with the printhead’s warm surface. These are go-to’s for barcodes, food and bakeries, shipping, pharmaceuticals, price tags, and other product labelling needs.

Case Studies: Essential Oils and Candle Jar Labels

• Product Labels for Essential Oil Bottles

Essential oils are a good example of a niche product that needs special labels. Essential oil labels not only communicate the ingredients, and qualities of the essential oils but also protect such oil from potential damage. They, therefore, need special labels that cannot be damaged easily, which is why most tend to be labelled with waterproof or oil-proof materials.

Using oil and water-proof product labels makes sure that a product survives in any location where it might come into touch with water or other liquids. This helps maintain the product’s integrity. Such packing labels are frequently used to label products that will be displayed, stored, or used outside as well as things that will be used in bathrooms or kitchens.

• Candle Jar Labels: A Great Way To Highlight Your Products

When it comes to candle jars, the product labels should accurately represent your brand, colour scheme, and mission. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used as an opportunity to explore your creative freedom. In this sense, they help a business differentiate itself from competitors.

Wind Up

Whether you are in the cosmetics sector or want to create cutting-edge designs for another industry, be inventive with your product packaging. Always keep your target market in mind. Lastly, never compromise your brand’s look for a substandard label that is not suited to your products.

Use product labelling as an opportunity to show people who you really are!