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The Signs You Need a New Oven

The truth is that many appliances are built to last a long time. However, nothing lasts forever, and this is a fact. Maintenance is the key to making your oven last a long time. What does this mean? It simply means that if you maintain your appliances correctly and at the right time, they will surely last a long time. But as time goes on, you will begin to get telltale signs that you should replace your oven.

The idea that you can refurbish an oven to prevent throwing it away is a great idea, but there will come a time when refurbishing it will no longer be viable. This is when you need to consider getting a new one. The million-dollar question is: what or how can you tell you need a new oven? Well, this guide does offer all the signs you need to look out for.

1. Rust

Rust is the first thing to look for. When you see rust on the inner part of the oven, it is time to start thinking about replacing your oven. To inspect it, open the oven door and scan the inner part of the oven.

It is important to remember that rust does not only affect the way the oven works but its efficiency as well. Moreover, rust can get into the food, which can cause illness. In the worst-case scenario, a big chunk of the rust can fall into the food and end up choking someone.

2. Cracks in the Glass

A cracked oven door glass is a huge telltale sign that you need to replace the oven. That is because when the glass is cracked, it will not hold the heat. This means that it will take you much longer to bake or cook a meal. Moreover, if the glass is cracked, you will most likely use a lot more gas or electricity than usual. This means that your overall utility bill will increase.

3. When Repair Cost is Too High

The first natural thing to do after something has broken is to try to repair it. However, if you have repaired something for the third or fourth time in the month, it is time to get a new one. If your fridge and freezer or oven is continuously in need of repairs, then the total cost of the repair will be high. There is no point in paying high sums of money for repairs when you can get a new one.

4. Switches Do Not Work Constantly

As you know, all ovens have dials or buttons that are used to control them. These buttons and dials work to control certain switches, depending on what you are looking for. These switches are extremely important because they can even prevent catastrophic damage or potential dangers. Therefore, if you find yourself with an oven with broken switches, it is time to consider replacing it.

5. Your Oven Seems not to be Clean All the Time

Cleaning an oven is very important. However, the moment you notice that cleaning the oven is one of your biggest and worst chores, you should consider replacing it. As you probably know, dirt can build up over time and cause huge problems. If your oven is full of layers of dirt and is causing real issues and is difficult to clean, it is time for a new one.


It is okay to feel that you have outgrown your old oven. It may be in perfect condition, but that is okay. Therefore, if you are itching to buy a new oven model, do not feel bad; it’s simply a reason you should get one. Let’s not forget the fact that new ovens come with the latest features that cannot be found in older oven versions. It is okay to want to upgrade.