Tips to Maintain Safety at Events

Attending events can be a lot of fun, but it’s also important to take safety into consideration. Whether it’s a concert, festival, sports game, or any other type of gathering, ensuring that you are prepared for any potential emergency can make a big difference. Below we have listed some event security tips that we believe will help you apply event safety and help keep you stay safe at events

Dress for Safety

In the event of an emergency, wearing comfortable and practical clothing and footwear that allows you to move easily can be beneficial. Opt for flat shoes that are securely fastened, so you can run if necessary. Additionally, wearing appropriate clothing to shield you from the elements can be useful, especially if you’re at an outdoor event. Avoid wearing loose clothing that can be easily caught or tripped on while attempting to exit the event quickly.

Maintain Awareness

Maintaining a high level of awareness is crucial for safety during an event. Keeping yourself and your friends safe requires you to stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings, especially if you’re in a large crowd. Be on the lookout for anyone acting suspiciously and keep a close eye on any bags that are left unattended. These can pose a serious security risk, so if you spot any, it’s important to report them immediately to the nearest security guard.

Monitor Your Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption can compromise your safety at events in multiple ways. Firstly, it can lead to impaired judgment and decreased awareness of your surroundings, making it more difficult to react safely in case of an emergency. Additionally, it may increase the likelihood of engaging in potentially dangerous or disruptive behaviour.
Also, alcohol dehydrates the body, making you more susceptible to passing out. As such, it is advisable to drink plenty of water alongside alcoholic beverages to stay hydrated and help prevent these risks.

Keep Loved Ones Informed

When attending a large event with large crowds, it’s a good idea to share your plans and whereabouts with friends or family. This way, if an emergency or incident occurs, they will be aware of your presence at the event and be able to contact emergency services if they haven’t heard from you. Another option is to share your location on your phone with trusted individuals, which allows them to easily track you in the midst of large crowds. This feature can be turned on and off, and it doesn’t have to be used in everyday situations, only when needed.

Also, online team-building activities are a fantastic and easy way to boost team productivity, communication and trust, whilst reinforcing a shared team identity.

Keep Your Mobile Phone Charged

Mobile phones, especially smartphones, are essential tools for communication and emergency situations. To ensure you are able to stay in contact and reach out for help if needed, it is crucial to make sure your phone is fully charged before going to an event. For extended events, consider carrying a portable charger to keep your phone’s battery level maintained. Portable chargers are affordable and can provide peace of mind in case of an emergency. With a charged phone and mobile signal, you’ll have the means to contact others if necessary.

Stay Calm in Emergencies

An unexpected emergency at an event can be stressful and chaotic, but it is important to stay calm in order to think clearly and respond effectively. If possible, take a moment to steady yourself and assess the situation. Trust your instincts and if you feel unsafe, seek help from a security guard or staff member at the event. Maintaining composure will help you to make better decisions, keeping you and those around you safe.


With the above tips, you can have a more enjoyable experience at events, knowing that you are prepared for any situation. Additionally, keep in mind to follow the venue or event guidelines and be sure to consult with event organizers regarding the safety protocols in place.