Why Do You Need to Clean Your Solar Panels?

Why Do You need to Clean Your Solar Panels?

There was an increase in the installation of solar panels on rooftops of homes in 2022. Many people now prefer solar power generation due to climate concerns and rising energy prices. Installing solar panels on your rooftop can help you make a difference. According to one supplier, the number of inquiries increased by 830% in 2022 compared to 2021. It is, therefore, essential to consider the maintenance of solar panels. Regular cleaning and maintenance of solar panels can maintain their performance. But before you hire a cleaning service, understand the advantages and disadvantages of cleaning services.

What Happens If Solar Panels Are Not Cleaned?

Solar panels are just like windows. Light cannot penetrate dirty windows. Dirt blocks light from penetrating window glass. Dirt can, therefore, cause issues with your solar panels.


The dirt on your solar panels blocks light from reaching the cells of your solar panels. If the cells cannot capture enough sunlight, your solar panels may perform worse and yield less electricity. According to residential solar sites, cleaning solar panels can increase electricity yield by up to 21%. If the electricity yield drops, you may need to clean your solar panels. Cleaning your solar panels can improve their performance and yield.


It is easy for dirty solar panels to become faulty. Micro-cracks can occur due to accumulating dirt on your solar panels. The micro-cracks can cause permanent damage to your solar panels over time. If you do not clean your solar panels for a long time, the lifespan of your solar panels may reduce. It is worth it to set up a maintenance schedule for your solar panels. Regular cleaning and maintenance can keep your solar panels in good condition.

How Do You Clean Solar Panels?

Working at height is the biggest challenge of cleaning solar panels on rooftops of residential and commercial buildings. It is, therefore, very important to hire professionals to clean your solar panels. Professionals take safety precautions when cleaning solar panels. Some professionals use water-fed pole systems to clean solar panels on rooftops up to 50 feet high. If necessary, they can reach further heights using power-assisted platforms. And they use non-abrasive cleaning tools to clean solar panels since they care for the condition of the solar panels.

When Should I Clean My Solar Panels?

Many suppliers recommend cleaning your solar panels twice a year. If you leave grime and dirt to build up on your solar panels for a long time, you may lose the warranty of your solar panels. That is why it is imperative to check the guidelines of your supplier. It is better to regularly clean your solar panels. If you do not neglect your solar panels, then it will be easy to clean them. This is because it is easy to clean glass.

What Are the Main Problems of Solar Panels?

Solar panels decline in condition due to several factors. Regular cleaning of your solar panels can help you prevent some of these factors. Here are the main problems of solar panels:


Air pollution can affect the performance of your solar panels. However, the impact of air pollution will depend on your location. For instance, if you live near an air airport or industrial location, then harmful airborne particles can block out sunlight from reaching the cells of your solar panels. Unlike dust and dirt, airborne particles are more likely to damage your solar panels. You will need to keep your solar panels clean at all times.

Tree Sap

Tree sap can stick to your solar panels. It is hard to remove tree sap because it is sticky. If the nearby or overhanging trees drip sap, then the tree sap might fall on your solar panels on your rooftop. Tree sap can attract more dust and dirt. The dust and dirt can adhere to your solar panels, making it hard to clean them. It can take hours to clean the tree sap.